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Product Categories

Product Categories

Obesity Challenge Pack


Diabetes Pro Pack


PCOD/PCOS Support Pack


Multi Millet Health Drink Mix Pack of 2 - 250gm Each


Quinoa Puffs Spicy Garlic Pack of 3 (Buy 2 Get 1 Free) - 60gm Each


Ragi Sticks Achari Masti Pack of 3 (Buy 2 Get 1 Free) - 120gm Each


Ragi Peanut Bites Jaggery Coated Pack of 3 (Buy 2 Get 1 Free) - 80gm Each


Multi Millet Noodles Pack of 3 - 192gm Each


Eye Gummy-Strawberry Mix Flavour


Multi Millet Muesli - 450gm (Improves Immunity, Bone Strength, Weight Management)


Multi Millet Vermicelli - 190gm


Multi Millet Noodles - 192gm


Multi Millet Health Drink Mix - 250gm


Ragi Peanut Bites Jaggery Coated - 80gm


Ragi Sticks Achari Masti - 120gm




Myself, vaishnavi. My BMI used to be 31.2 , overweight in the month of september. fortunately, i visited B&B store in kondapur where i got a free body composition analysis and then i got to know that my fat percentage is too high. the staff gave me an offer that i would get free nutritionist consultation too as that was my first visit to the store. i immediately booked slot for nutritionist consultation. The way the nutritionist welcome to desinutri and give awareness on medical condition was so good and knowledgeable. diet plan was provided on weekly basis to me and consultation lasted for about five and half months to me till i reached my target BMI of about 24. am now happy with my transformation and thanks to desinutri.

- Vaishnavi

Student, M.Tech
Thank you so much for your guidance, weekly follow up and diet charts which helps me a lot to become back in shape and fit again.

- Jyothi

Assistant Manager
DesiNutri’s millet range have become a staple in my pantry. The variety offered is impressive and helps me cater to the different taste preferences within my family. I’m delighted to have found this brand!

- Prakalpa

I’ve been on the lookout for healthier snacking options, and DesiNutri’s millet-based products have exceeded my expectations. The Quinoa Puffs are simply delicious and Peanut Bites offer the best way to zip your sweet cravings. I appreciate their efforts in bringing out nutritious snacks which do not compromise on taste!

- Sweta

DesiNutri’s millet-based products have introduced me to the magic of millets! They have an impressive range, from millet cookies to muesli, providing a wholesome and delicious alternative to conventional options. I love how they have combined these traditional grains with modern flavours, giving us a unique and satisfying taste. I am hooked on their millet magic!

- Nishta

I recently tried DesiNutri’s Multi Millet Noodles, and I must say, I’m impressed! The quality and taste of the product was fantastic, and to my surprise extremely easy to make. Definitely adding them to my monthly cart!

- Sonal

Student, BBA
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