Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil - 1 Ltr
Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil - 1 Ltr

Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil - 1 Ltr

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The Desinutri Coldpressed Virgin Coconut oil is good for all kinds of cooking methods as it has high smoke point. The coldpressed technology helps retain all the essential nutrients, provides rich aroma and flavor. Our coconut oil is extracted from A-1 grade coconuts ensuring purity in every drop. It is 100% pure and unrefined.

  • It is great alternative for the refined oils as it is naturally cholesterol free, trans fat free and helps boost energy efficiency.
  • Coldpressed virgin coconut oil is good for both cooking as well as for hair and skin health. It provides hydration and nourishment to the skin, hair and body.
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  • Energy- 899 kcal.
  • Total fat- 99.9 g
  • Saturated Fats- 92.63g
  • MUFA- 5.92g
  • PUFA- 1.45g
  • Omega 6 Fatty acids- 1.04g
  • Rich in Antioxidants
  • Heart healthy
  • Maintains good cholesterol
  • Gut-friendly
  • Boosts Immunity
  • Coldpressed Virgin Coconut Oil
Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil - 1 Ltr
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  • Product Name Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil - 1 Ltr
  • Product Type Edible Oil
  • Net Quantity 1 L
  • Shelf life 24 months from the manufacturing date
  • Product Dimensions 26 cm*8 cm*6 cm
  • Country of Origin India
  • SKU code 400000016205
  • Manufactured By Shri Veerakumar Industry, 3G64+X4C, Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu 638701
  • Manufacturer License No. 10119012000309
  • Marketed By SKANDHANSHI AGRO FOODS PRIVATE LIMITED P.No.14 & 15, Jayaberi Enclave Gachibowli, Hyderabad, Telangana 500032
  • Customer Care Customer Care executive, Tollfree No. 1800-890-1190. Email ID :, Address : Same as Marketed By
  • It is the best coldpressed coconut oil for versatile cooking methods such as deep frying, sauteing and salad dressing.
  • It helps moisturizing and nourishing skin and hair, thereby reducing dryness and hydrating your body.
  • The coldpressed coconut oil is great for oil pulling, helps prevent overgrowth of harmful bacteria in your mouth and refreshes your breath.
  • Desi Nutri Virgin Coconut Oil ensures purity in every drop
  • Preserves vital nutrients, delightful aroma, and authentic flavor of genuine coconuts
  • Cold Press Technology used
  • Perfect for daily cooking and raw consumption throughout the month

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Yes, the coldpressed virgin coconut oil is good for health and is a healthier alternative for fats like refined oils, butter and margarine. It has medium chain triglycerides good for lowering Bad cholesterol. It can be your go to oil for deep frying, sauteing and baking
The Coldpressed virgin coconut oil is much better as it contains high levels of antioxidants, which are beneficial for metabolism and overall health. The coldpressed technology helps maintain the essential nutrients and aroma of the oil.
The one of the benefits of coldpressed coconut oil is that it hydrates and nourishes the skin and provides a natural alternative for commercial skin care products.
Yes, you can use virgin coconut oil daily as it has numerous health benefits.
- The authentic colpressed oils have nutty and grassy flavour. - Check for a reputable brand label and see if it says Coldpressed virgin coconut oil. - Another way to identify the coldpressed coconut oil is by keeping it in cold temperature like refrigerator for half an hour to 1 hour. The authentic coldpressed oils harden when refrigerated.

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Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil - 1 Ltr

Sourav Bose

Wonderful product

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

Quality wise great product.


Good & High quality product

Desi Nutri Coconut Oil: A Genuine, High-Quality Product with Excellent Service

I recently purchased Desi Nutri Coconut Oil and have been extremely pleased with its quality. The product is genuine and of high quality, which is evident from its aroma and texture. I also appreciate the excellent customer service provided by the company. They promptly resolved a package leakage issue, ensuring that I received the product in perfect condition.

Overall, I highly recommend Desi Nutri Coconut Oil for its quality, aroma, and health benefits. It's a great addition to my daily routine, and I will definitely be purchasing it again

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